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2019 the 14th


2019 the 14th "China Core" IC Industry Promotion Conference and China Core Award presentation ceremony was solemnly held in Qingdao on October 25-26. 
The display power chip SGM38042 won the "China Core" Outstanding Market performance Product Award, and the co-founder and deputy general manager were invited to give a speech on "Pan-reliable and Pan-Security requirements behind Smart Home Appliances" at the "Smart Home Appliance Chip Ecological Development Summit Forum". 
"China Core" IC Industry Promotion Conference is a national IC industry event held by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is one of the most influential and authoritative industry conferences in the field of integrated circuits in China. 
Nearly a thousand people from national industry departments, well-known experts, enterprise representatives, investment institutions, scientific research scholars and so on participated. 
The release of the excellent product solicitation results of "China Core" held during the conference is aimed at commending the achievements of product innovation, technological innovation and application innovation in the domestic integrated circuit field, giving full play to the demonstration effect, and influencing and driving the development of the industry. 
This year's "China Core" solicitation campaign received a total of 187 chip products from 125 chip companies, setting a new all-time high.